Welcome to the Valley

For over a millennia, few places on the island of Ireland have been able to match the strength of cultural heritage emanating from Bangor and North Down. The Valley of Angels festival seeks to celebrate this heritage through the arts with a view to promote, inform and educate the local communities and visitors alike.

On his journey around the north of Ireland, St Patrick is said to have come upon the valley in which Bangor now sits, where he had a vision of light, and angels moving up and down to heaven. Declaring it would be a seat of light in the future, he was followed years later by the foundation of a monastery, through which thousands of monks would pass. Hundreds of these monks would set out across Europe with the gospel. Bangor became recognised as a key seat of learning and culture.

Nowadays, North Down remains a hive of cultural activity. Valley of Angels seeks to tie these strands together, with a two day festival across Bangor celebrating music, art and performance with a mix of contemporary, street and classical events.